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  • Quality British engineering at its very best delivering advanced and affordable 3D printers.
  • All Kora printers leave our factory fully constructed and ready to use straight out of the box. High quality machined parts and circuit boards are designed to be easy for users to replace and/or upgrade in a matter of minutes.
  • The Kora Midi 3D printing technology should be no more difficult to master than your average smart phone.
  • Power, speed, precision, efficiency and features combine to make the Kora Midi the best in its class.
  • The Kora’s unique VariBLOCK head unit allows for easy interchangeable and upgradable extruder head systems, allowing the Midi to use various other materials as they become available on the market.
  • The Kora Midi is ideal for business, manufacturing, education, home use and people who want to design “Things” quickly, efficiently and low cost.
  • Colour options: Black - Red - White (Black only on Midi PLUS and MAX)

What is 3D printing?

"3D printing is a process of building objects by melting plastic filament deposited via a heated extruder head, layer upon layer, onto a build plate. Each layer hardens as it is deposited and bonds with the previous layer until the object is built and complete according to the 3D data supplied to the printer. This is known as The Additive Process this allows for mass customisation, no lead times, no tooling costs, eliminating huge stock holdings as products are produced to demand. A 3D printer saves you money and time"